'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Faces Backlash Over Tweet About Former Governor John Kasich

Pauley Perrette's comments at former governor and 2016 Republican presidential nominee John Kasich made her followers feel a certain way. The NCIS alum took to Twitter Friday to send a message to the politician. She complimented him for being the "best GOP candidate" at the time, while also calling him out for his past "PROBLEM" with the LGBTQ+ community.

"Hey [John Kasich] I thought you were the best GOP candidate last time, I hope you run this year EXCEPT WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE LGBT COMMUNITY? It doesn’t fit with your peaceful message. You seem like a classy guy but THAT is just WRONG!" she wrote Friday morning on social media.

The comment caught the attention of many of her followers, who felt the need to remind her of some of the things Kasich is known for, as well the GOP in general.

"You supported a man who wrote about wanting to bludgeon his mother with a hammer? Yet, you had issues with Kasich? Ummmm ok," one user commented.

"He's still a conservative. He would most likely put Justices on the Supreme Court that would overturn marriage equality and possibly Roe v. Wade. A republican is still a republican," another fan speculated.

"Hate to say it Pauley. Hes an actor with low morals," another user responded.

"Don't trust him. He's a republican. Enough said b," another fan wrote. Another one added: "He was a horrible governor, I wouldn't vote for him if he was the ONLY candidate."

After seeing some of the backlash, Perrette responded to her own tweet to clarify her political stance.

"Hey! I'm not GOP! I just wanted to point that out to him! #LGBTRIGHTS," she wrote, justifying her random message.

Fans responded, thanking her for making her intentions clear after receiving their feedback.

"Thanks for the clarification, you had me worried there for a second!" One follower wrote.

"Had a feeling. You said the 'best GOP candidate' not that you were GOP," another fan commented.

Perrette frequently entertains fans with her at-times nonsensical Twitter messages. The actress recently shared her harrowing tale of spending 10 minutes trying to get a roach out of her kitchen.

"Just spent 10 minutes trying to talk a giant roach in my kitchen into going back outside because" she was worried her dogs would "get him. It worked! He's safe outside (You know I love bugs).


Outside of the Twitter world, Perrette is prepping to make her return to television in the new CBS comedy series, Broke. She will play the role of a single mother whose world turns upside down when her sister and her formerly rich husband come live with her after losing everything. The show also stars Jane The Virgin alum Jaime Camil.

Broke is expected to premiere in 2020 on CBS.