Todd Chrisley Rips Into ‘Attention Seekers’ Amid Tax Evasion Charges, and Social Media Chimes In

Chrisley Knows Best star Todd Chrisley is not taking his tax evasion charges laying down, as the reality TV star recently issued a lengthy message ripping into "attention seekers" who have been criticizing him and his wife since the news broke.

"Trust and believe that we are holding the right hand of God on this walk we are on, if he brings us to it he will bring us through it," Chrisley wrote in the message, adding, "Please don’t fall victim to false prophets, don’t give attention to the attention seekers, stay steady on your course, grieve the loss of ones you love that didn’t love you, pray for them even though they have wronged you, forgive them for yourself and ask God to move them on."

Now, social media users are responding to his comments, and their opinions on the situation are certainly all over the place, with some chiding Chrisley and others showing support.

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"Wow pretty disappointing! Everyone says their innocent! Where there’s smoke there’s fire!" one person exclaimed.

"I just started following u on Instagram today. I never cared for your show but my wife did. But somehow over the years you grew on me and I hate to admit it but I like u and im a secret Todd fan," someone else said. "I feel bad of what your going through but i wanted to give you my support. What doesnt kill you makes u stronger. Ignore the haters and have faith in God! I doubt you will even read this but if you do God Bless you and your family in these times!"

"I hope none of these allegations are true," one other user stated, while a fourth commenter wrote, "I hope you're telling the truth, man... I'm so upset about this!"

In his statement, Chrisley added, "We are getting back to work after this distraction and our show hasn’t been cancelled, God delivered much clarity yesterday as to those who set a net for us , so the Lord says 'May the net your enemies cast for you be the same net they become snared in.' "


"To each and everyone that has supported us on this journey we call life, we love you with all of our hearts, the kindness we have been shown yesterday and through this process has been overwhelming, God is good, we drop our hands and surrender to God and will let God do the rest, you can’t claim FAITH and still express FEAR," he concluded his statement.

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