Chase Chrisley Reveals 'Family' Photo Amid Tax Evasion Charges

Earlier this week, Chrisley Knows Best couple Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on tax evasion charges, and now their son Chase Chrisley has revealed a new "family photo, amid the swirling legal troubles. Taking to Instagram, Chase shared a photo of his family from what appears to be an event they attended together. Notably, he has turned off the comments on his posts, so fans and followers cannot chime in.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Todd and Julie, as well as their former CPA Peter Tarantino — had been indicted on charges related to financial crimes. The following day, the couple turned themselves into the FBI and were subsequently released on bond.

Todd has since issued a lengthy statement, in which he denied that he and Julie are guilty of the charges against them.

“I've never talked about this publicly before, but there's been a cloud hanging over Julie and me and our entire family for the past seven years. It all started back in 2012, when we discovered that a trusted employee of ours had been stealing from us big time,” he wrote in a message posted to Instagram.

Todd also alleged that he believes a disgruntled former employee is responsible for setting him and Julie up, claiming that he believed this individual fabricated the evidence against them. “We even discovered that he illegally bugged our house,” Todd claimed.

“I’m telling you all this because we have nothing to hide and have done nothing to be ashamed of. Not only do we know we’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. Not only do we know we’ve done nothing wrong, but we’ve got a ton of hard evidence and a bunch of corroborating witnesses that prove it.”

Another Chrisley family member who has since spoken out is previously estranged son Kyle, who has a falling out with his father, but has since reconciled. Notably, Kyle previously accused his father of the same crimes that Todd and Julie have been charged with, though he now says that he was simply lashing out when he made the allegations in a past interview.

"I know the interview I did bashing my dad OVER A YEAR AGO is being shared on social media," Kyle wrote in a post on Facebook. "Honestly I'm tired of it. You guys don't have the facts and I need to set the record straight once and for all. Everything I said in my interview was a lie. These allegations against my dad are all LIES!"


If convicted of the charges they face, Todd and Julie could face up to 30 years behind bars.

Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic - Getty Images