YouTube Star Brooke Houts Accidentally Uploads Video Abusing Her Dog

YouTube star Brooke Houts accidentally uploaded a video of herself abusing her dog and now peers are slamming her for it. In footage from a video titled “Plastic wrap prank on my Doberman,” Houts could be seen yelling at and slapping her dog, Sphinx. She also appeared to spit on him at one point, and is shown shoving him when he gets close to her.

Fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, who has seen is fair share of controversy as well, criticized Houts. “I try my best to avoid slamming people on twitter because I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end (and rightfully so), but this video of that girl hitting [and] spitting on her dog is remarkably grotesque, and irks me for many reasons. Despite the hitting, the spitting is a totally unwarranted, inappropriate and vile display of energy that makes this woman completely unfit to own that dog,” he said per reporting from In Touch.

YouTuber Andrea Russett hit back at Houts as well: “The way [you] reacted to [your] dog simply being a dog was unacceptable [and] hard to watch. I hope you learn and grow from this, because no animal should ever be in a home where it’s being treated that way. I can’t even put into words how I felt watching this. That dog needs to be taken away and put into a LOVING home!!!!!”

Please Note: The footage below may be unsettling to some viewers

Houts has since denied that she was abusive toward Sphinx, stating that — while she understands her corrective methods were excessive — the circumstance is being misunderstood.

“I’m clearly actually frustrated [in the video]. That being said, this does NOT justify me yelling at my dog in the way that I did, and I’m fully aware of that," she said in a statement. "Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No. Should I have raised my voice and yelled at him? No. However, when my 75 lb. Doberman is jumping up in my face with his mouth open, I do, as a dog parent, have to show him that this behavior is unacceptable.”


MTV star Angela Babicz replied to Houts' statement, saying, “My dog died [two] weeks ago, and I’d do anything to have him jumping all over me like yours did in that video. So the only thing I’m ‘understanding’ is that he needs to be removed from your home. Anyone that supports you is as vile and disgusting as you are.”

It is also reported that authorities are investigating the situation.


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