Singer Lily Allen Accused of Mom-Shaming After Posting Plane Photo of Crying Baby

Lily Allen is facing backlash after she shared a photo on her Instagram account of a crying child during a recent flight she was on to Italy. After the "Smile" singer shared the since-deleted photo, writing “this baby tho, been crying for 45 mins straight,” she faced allegations that she was mom shaming.

Speaking to MailOnline, one of Allen’s followers told the outlet that she responded to the photo, which showed a male passenger holding a child on their lap, by accusing her of “mum shaming,” a comment that ultimately led to her being blocked by the mom-of-two.

“do you see a mum?” Allen reportedly replied to the comment before hitting the block button.

“As a parent of two little kids, she's got a lot of nerve putting a parent on blast to over a million followers for having a crying baby on an EasyJet flight,” the commenter told MailOnline. “If she doesn't like crying babies she should take a private jet.”

In the comments section of the MailOnline story, many more took the commenter’s side, criticizing Allen’s post.

“Sorry dear, but some babies are just born evil. Mine either slept of cried until she could crawl. She screamed during car trips too until she was old enough to legally have her car seat front facing. More that one child care professional said they'd never seen such a persistent and angry baby,” one wrote. “Pity the parents and get over yourself.”

However, many more came to Allen’s defense.

“Most people here moaning about Allen would be exactly the same,” one person wrote. “Chittering away to yourself or your partner, why can't that mother control the baby, it's to young to fly etc etc yet here you all are moaning about lily lol.”

Allen, of course, is no stranger to the difficulties that come with parenting. In 2011, she welcomed her first child with Sam Cooper, daughter Ethel Cooper. In 2013, the former couple welcomed their second daughter, Marnie Rose Cooper.


Speaking in an interview with Dolly Alderton's Love Stories podcast earlier this year, the singer, who tends to keep her children off her social media accounts, opened up about motherhood.

“My children are amazing little human beings. They are just an endless source of joy and entertainment - I'm fascinated by them,” she said. “They're brilliant kids. It's hard, it's tough but it's so rewarding. The most rewarding thing is them being happy and that means I'm doing my job right. And they are, they're happy little things. It's not easy by any means.”


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