Halsey Reveals Brutal Injury After Nude Rock Climbing Accident

Halsey's naked rock climbing trip did not go as planned.

The "Without Me" singer took to Instagram Monday to show off her terribly injured back, showing off her torso covered in red scrapes in cuts. Halsey, whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, also had her middle finger wrapped in a bandage.

"Don't go rock climbing naked. Or do. Do you," she captioned the photo.

(Photo: Instagram/Halsey)

Many of the singers' famous friends and fans took to the comments section to sympathize with her pain.

"Nightmare," her collaborates and friend Benny Blanco wrote on the photo.

"Omg, please go to the doctor :( be careful, take care of yourself," one fan commented, clearly concerned for the singer.

"I thought this was gonna be you saying you caught measles from an unvaccinated child," another fan joked.

This is not the first time Halsey has taken to social media recently to show off an injury. The singer went on Instagram Saturday to share a pic of her bruised knees and captioned it, "aw sh— here we go again," leading some fans to wonder if she was rehearsing a new routine.

The singer is known for staying honest about her health with fans. Back in March, Halsey opened up in a since-deleted tweet that her struggle with endometriosis led to four surgeries and three miscarriages.

"I have endometriosis. I've had 3 miscarriages, 4 surgeries, pretty much in pain every day of my life, and I've donated/raised upwards of $300,000 in the name of research and support. I'm not trying to be quirky. Or different. I'm just trying to normalize an underdiscussed illness," she wrote in her tweet.

In March 2018, she opened up about how her disease holds her back while being honored at the Endometriosis Foundation of America's ninth annual Blossom Ball, PEOPLE writes.

"Sometimes I'm bloated, I'm on an I.V., I'm sick, I'm on medicine, and I'm backstage, terrified that I'm going to bleed through my clothes in the middle of my show," she said at the time, revealing she had had a miscarriage shortly before a performance.


At the time, the "Bad At Love" singer said she speaks openly because she wants to normalize conversations about the condition.

"[I'm] trying to normalize the conversation and say, 'It's okay to talk about reproductive illness, this doesn't make you weak, this makes you strong and you should be proud and vocal,'" she said. "And the more you talk about it, the more likely you're going to help one of your friends who might not know that they have it because they may be afraid of speaking about it, too."