Aaron Carter 'Scared' for His Life Over Unnamed Stalker

Aaron Carter is afraid for his life after his alleged stalker took things “too far.”

The “I Want Candy” singer revealed on Twitter on Sunday, Feb. 17, that he is being stalked by an unnamed woman, resulting in him being “scared” for his life and requiring authorities to step in.

“You made a big mistake stalking me and keying my car,” he began. “Police are now getting involved my stalker has taken it too far. And she’s gonna be sued by me. I will reveal her identity too I’m scared for my life.”

Carter went on to reveal that despite the stalking, which has been occurring for more than two years, the woman has still managed to get into his concerts and has begun to damage his belongings.

“This person has been stalking me now for two years straight and is not well she’s been stalking me and still getting into my concerts and I’m genuinely afraid for my life,” he wrote. “I needed to put this out there. I WILL BE REVEALING HER IDENTITY."

According to Carter, the latest incident was the last straw, and he is now preparing to take legal action against the woman.

“We are gathering all the evidence and her on camera and filing an order of protection and I will be suing her for punitive damages as well as revealing her identity,” he revealed.

Twitter users quickly commended the singer's action, voicing their support and wishing him safety as the stalking situation unfolds.

“Omg you are doing all the right stuff- just be alert and be safe and keep an eye on people close to you,” one person wrote, going on to recommend that Carter “hire a big security guard.”

“BE SMART!!! You have 1 shot especially if it’s already been 2 yrs; she’s probably watching your online activity & you’re putting yourself in greater danger w/ revealing her identity,” another person commented. “DONT REVEAL!!! Go to the authorities w/ all the info & get a restraining order.”


“Aaron personally I think her pic should be passed at every show to those that check for entry,” another suggested. “I mean this is some serious s–! You obviously will take every precaution I know that! Just pray for your safety, some of these ‘fans’ are outta whack!”

The singer, who first rose to fame following the release of his self-titled first album in 1997 at the age of 9, is currently busy with his 2019 tour, which will see him traveling across the United States until the tour concludes on May 17 at Cedar Park, Texas’ H-E-B Center.