'Criminal Minds': AJ Cook Sues Former Manager Over Hiding Sexual Assault Allegations

Criminal Minds star A.J. Cook is getting in a legal battle with her former representation.

The actress is suing her former manager, David Guillod, for not disclosing that he faced multiple sexual assault allegations, and is asking for hi to repay money he earned from her and other actresses, including Gina Rodriguez, Kristin Chenoweth and Paula Patton.

According to The Wrap, the lawsuit was filed Monday and seeks $1.6 million for Cook. In the suit she argues that Guillod's concealment of his "sexual predator" past could have harmed her image and reputation as a strong advocate for women.

The legal documents also list several unreported allegations against the manager and accuses him of scheming with Cook's previous lawyer to overcharge the actress for his services.

As the outlet writes, the lawsuit is a rare attempt at holding the manager accountable for personal accusations that might reflect poorly on his famous clients.

In a statement, a representative for Guillod accused Cook of trying to "piggyback" on the #MeToo movement to get out of paying her debts. Guillod has denied any wrongdoing since allegations against him first surfaced in November 2017.

"This frivolous lawsuit is a reaction to two lawsuits filed against A.J. Cook and her attempt to distract from her own financial liability," the statement read. "Mr. Guillod has represented Cook for over 20 years and together made her a household name. She has now elected in her own greed and self servicing manner to piggyback on a very important movement in an effort to circumvent her paying commissions owed. As Ms. Cook has no claims against Mr. Guillod she has elected to revisit unfounded claims made again him. No criminal or civil charges have ever been brought against Guillod."

Cook's attorney, Michael J. Saltz, responded to the statement, writing: "Mr. Guillod's victims will soon be testifying in this matter. As it is our intent to prove that the claims against Mr. Guillod are both disturbing and true, and that Mr. Guillod's failure to disclose this information to Ms. Cook is both illegal and inexcusable."

The actress' new case is a countersuit against Guilod's former company, Primary Wave Entertainment, who filed a lawsuit against her in October 2018 for at least #333,000 in unpaid commissions. At the time, Cook said she stopped paying the company when she fired Primary Wave because of the accusations against the manager.


The Wrap first reported on four allegations of sexual misconduct against Guillod. Cook, Chenoweth, Rodriguez and Patton exited the company following the accusations and after Guillod resigned from his position as CEO.

Cook currently stars on Criminal Minds, which is currently in production of its 10-episode 15th and final season, set to air during the 2019-20 television season on CBS.