'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Star Sued Over Allegedly Rat-Infested Home

Lucy Davis, one of the stars of Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is facing a new lawsuit from the tenants of a building she owns.

Davis played Aunt Hilda on the supernatural hit last year, which is due back for another season in April. According to a new report by The Blast, Davis also owns a rental property, and her tenants are not happy with her. The building is allegedly infested with rats and insects, and one tenant claims that she was badly injured while trying to clean it up.

The lawsuit was filed by Madeleine Harmon and Vincent Cammerata, who reportedly rent a Larchmont home for themselves and their two children. They say that they paid $46,000 up front for six months in the home, but soon found it in no condition for habitation.

The lawsuit claims that the infestation of rats and insects is dangerous, and made worse by the overgrown trees and bushes which attract critters and give them access to the house. The family also claims that there are rotten wooden beams in the house, and the yard has a “seriously neglected, unmaintained, and infectious pool and jacuzzi.”

The family claims that Davis refused to send a gardner to tend to the property. Seeing rodents and insects climbing along the foliage into their 9-year-old daughter's bedroom, they took matters into their own hands. Harmon reportedly climbed up on the roof to trim back the trees, where she stepped on an "illegally attached latticework" that broke away. Harmon says she fell “fifteen feet to the ground below.”

Harmon is now reportedly suffering from brain damage and a collapsed lung due to the fall, and she wants compensation from Davis. The lawsuit says that she was rushed to Cedars Sinai hospital, where she was treated for a fractured pelvis, six herneated discs, painful brusing and a torn lib labrum, as well as severe head trauma. She also says that her diverticulitis comes from “the resulting bacterial growth” in the unmaintained pool.


Representatives for Davis said that the claims in the lawsuit are unfounded. However, Harmon and Cammerata's lawsuit is actually a cross-complaint against Davis' original lawsuit seeking to evict them from her home. She claims that the tree-trimming was a violation of their agreement, and that the family is behind on payments.

In addition to Aunt Hilda, Davis played Dawn in the British version of The Office. She has had a few other prominent roles recently, playing Etta in Wonder Woman in 2017. Her representatives continue to deny Harmon and Cammerata's claims.