'Temptation Island' Stars Javen Butler and Shari Ligons Explain Their Heated Last Moments Together


'Temptation Island' Stars Javen Butler and Shari Ligons Explain Their Heated Last Moments Together

'Blade Runner' Actress Sean Young Wanted for Questioning After Surveillance Video Shows Burglary

Blade Runner actress Sean Young is wanted for questioning after surveillance video allegedly shows a burglary taking place that she is thought to have been a part of.

TMZ reports that a store in Astoria, Queens, New York turned over video surveillance of a break in to police, and the footage supposedly shows Young and a male in the act.

The items stolen are said to include two Apple laptops and some video production software. All together, the cost of the stolen items is estimated to be about $12,000. Interestingly, Young reportedly worked at the store several months ago but was fired.

A huge star in the '80s and early '90s, Young appeared in such high-profile films as Stripes, Dune, Wall Street, Fatal Instinct, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and the aforementioned Blade Runner.

She was originally cast as Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's first Batman movie, but after being injured during film rehearsals she was replaced with Kim Basinger.

While she hasn't starred in many projects over the last few years, Young did appear in the critically acclaimed independent films Bone Tomahawk and Darling in 2015.

The following year, Young spoke with Gawker about Darling, specifically addressing why she took on the role.

"The appealing thing was to help my friend [Darling star and executive producer] Lauren Ashley Carter out," the actress confessed. "I did another show with her a few years ago called Jug Face, and I really like Lauren. I think she’s an up and comer. She’s funny."

"She asked me a few years ago what my advice was, and I said, 'Be your own producer.' I think she has to run with that idea. I’m proud of her. She put the team together. She does a great job in the film. It didn’t kill a lot of my time to help her out and so I was happy to do that for her."

With Darling classifying as a horror film, Young was asked if she has "any particular affinity for the genre" considering she has appeared in numerous horror/thriller films throughout her career.


"I don’t actually really like horror that much. I just like my friends. If my friends call me and want my help, I’m happy to help. It helped them for me to be in the picture," she replied. "But I don’t have any dying, burning need to be in a horror show. Having said that, I think Mickey did a great job with it. It’s very stylish."

Regarding the suspected theft, TMZ states that they reached out to Young's representation for comment, but have not heard back.