Bill Murray Accused of Attacking Photographer at Martha's Vineyard Restaurant

Bill Murray has been accused of attacking photographer Peter Simon at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant Wednesday. While Murray has not commented on the alleged incident, the restaurant owner has since defended the actor.

Simon, the 71-year-old brother of singer Carly Simon, told Showbiz411 he was photographing a couple sitting at a table in Lola's restaurant in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Simon claims Murray saw him, then "came up and shoved me."

Simon then asked Murray, "Do you know who I am?" Murray said he didn't, then asked Simon the same question. Simon said he did not, Murray replied, "Well, you should."

Then, Murray threw a glass of water at Simon and his camera, Simon said.

"It was humiliating," Simon told Showbiz411. "I'm like the peace and love person."

Simon said he did not have photos of the alleged incident, since he was not photographing Murray anyway.

The restaurant owners told Showbiz411 they banned Simon for a year, which disappointed the photographer.

“They knew what I was doing there, but they sided with Murray because he’s a celebrity," he said.

Katherine Domitrovich, the owner of Lola's, has a different account of what happened. She told the Boston Globe that her customers saw Simon start taking pictures of Murray and did not stop when asked to. Murray then threw the glass of water, but did not shove him.

“Nothing went on, other than a glass of water,” Domitrovich told the Globe. “Peter is taking this to a whole different dimension because he wants the PR. I don’t care about PR. That’s why I don’t want photographers in my place.”

As for Simon, he said he is considering filing criminal charges because Murray should "suffer some sort of consequence for what he did." Simon also denies Domitrovich's claim that he was there just to photograph the Ghostbusters star. He told police he was there to take pictures for The Martha's Vineyard Times when Murray saw him.

"I didn’t even know he was going to be there,” Simon told the Globe. “It’s probably a feather in her cap, to have this guy come [to Lola’s]. ... I would like her to apologize. I knew my intentions were good.”

Simon said he would also accept an apology from Murray and would not press charges if he got one.

Domitrovich says Simon never asked her if he could photograph inside the restaurant before coming and would not have allowed him to if he did.

“I was very upset about the incident,” she told the Globe. “There’s no lawsuit. This is totally frivolous, what he’s trying to do.”

According to the police report, the responding sergeant told Simon he could file a criminal complaint for assault and battery, but Simon said he was unharmed and thought Murray should face a disorderly conduct charge instead.


Murray recently had a voice role in Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs and is working on Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die with Selena Gomez and Adam Driver.

Photo credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images