Johnny Depp Fan Presents Him With Explicit Portrait of Himself

Johnny Depp fans are known for their devotion to the 55-year-old actor, who just so happens to have been a major sex symbol for the past few decades. But one fan took their admiration for Depp to a whole new level with a particularly explicit piece of fan art.

See photos of the artwork here from the Daily Mail.

During an outing with fellow Hollywood Vampire bandmates Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in Warsaw, Poland, one fan presented a large, hand-painted canvas depicting a very naked Johnny Depp in a full-frontal position.

Depp seemed to smile and laugh at the bizarre image from the devoted fan and even stopped to speak to him while onlookers took photos of the painting and the interaction.

Fan speculation about Depp has been high over the past few weeks after fans spotted him on tour with the Hollywood Vampires with a whole new look, which some fans said made him look pale, gaunt and sickly.

Before a performance in St. Petersburg, Depp wore a ball cap and sported none of his usual facial hair. His barefaced complexion ignited comments on the internet, with fans worried the Pirates of the Caribbean star was sick.

Despite concerns, a source close to Depp told Entertainment Tonight that he was "healthy" and "enjoying his time n the road with his band." One makeup artist told the Daily Mail that Depp's lack of his signature eyeliner in the photos was most likely what startled fans.

"Usually Johnny Depp has a cool grunge style, however, here he is not sporting his signature smudged guy-liner, which makes his eyes appear smaller," Stacey Whittaker told the publication. "Dark eyes can look harsh as we get older, but Depp's normal sultry looking eye would never overpower his face and would actually give him more definition and colour."

She continued, "Without his attention-grabbing guy-liner, it makes his eyes seem tired and dull, and his skin extremely pale, whereas liner would brighten and bring out the whites of his eye."

Another source told HollywoodLife that Depp's look is "deliberate" and that he planned it that way for his band's tour, calling it his "rock star look."


“Everything he does is a role and again he is stressing to friends and band mates that this is how he wants to look for the band. It’s his rock star look. It’s also his homage to one of his idols Keith Richards," the source said. "So friends and band mates are monitoring it for sure and they are also going as far as to poke fun at him as well."

The insider continued, “There is actual serious concern but they are all telling him that he is becoming The Invisible Man which ironically is something that Johnny is about to play in the near future. So it is a bother with his buddies but not to Johnny at all.”