Jenna Dewan Lauds 'Really Incredible Year' Despite Channing Tatum Split

Jenna Dewan is celebrating the ups and downs of her past year.

The World of Dance host is currently on a high promoting the NBC reality show, which premieres season 2 on May 29, but has also been dealing with the heartbreak that comes with splitting from her husband of almost nine years, Channing Tatum, in April.

“This year has just been a really incredible year in a lot of ways. A lot of change, but you go with it and you make the best with what you can,” Dewan, 37, told PEOPLE on Friday. “I’m really great and doing wonderful and I thank everyone for their love always.”

Dewan was in Las Vegas at Red Rock Casino on to celebrate the 15th anniversary of VEGAS magazine, of which she is on the cover.

“I have a lot of experiences in Vegas. They used to be way more fast and furious, and now I’m a mom. It’s a little different,” she said. “Now I come to Vegas to find out what shows to show my daughter, rather than staying up all night partying.”

Dewan and Tatum’s 4-year-old daughter Everly, is also a massive source of entertainment.

“She’s always into something. She’s very distractible, but she does have her first dance recital coming up and I’m probably a little too excited, like I’m trying to contain my own excitement,” Dewan said. “She’s just excited about the costume.”

And although both Dewan and Tatum are excellent dancers, meeting on the set of the dance movie Step Up in 2005, the mother-of-one said she doesn't put pressure on her little one to perform.

“I didn’t have a crazy dance mom, so it’s not hard for me to not be a crazy dance mom,” she shared. “It is hard for me to control my excitement when I take her dance class because everyone wants to talk to me and I just want to zone everyone out and watch her. It’s so cute.”

Dewan spent time alone with Everly over Mother’s Day weekend while Tatum, 38, was traveling, a source told PEOPLE.

“She is great,” the insider said of how Dewan is doing post-split. “She seems to love life more. She wants to be around for Everly as much as she can.”

Despite their romantic relationship coming to an end, Tatum, 38, shared a sweet Mother’s Day message for Dewan on his Instagram Story.

“Happy Mother’s Day everybody,” he said in a video taken in the desert. “Jenna, happy Mother’s Day, baby. Mama, happy Mother’s Day — I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunset. Love you guys.”

The loving message came just six weeks after the former couple announced their separation.

“Jenna and Channing still get along,” an insider told PEOPLE. “They haven’t had any custody issues. Things haven’t changed much since they separated.”

A source close to the couple previously added that the pair tried to make things work after “growing apart” over the past year.


“They really wanted to make their marriage work,” said the source. “But neither of them are people who will stay in something that isn’t fully right.”

Photo credit: Samir Hussein / Getty