Ronda Rousey Says She Will Be Pregnant 'Someday Soon'

Ronda Rousey is seemingly looking to expand her family sooner rather than later, with the athlete telling TMZ that she'll be pregnant "someday soon."

"I don't know yet," she added.

Rousey married MMA fighter Travis Browne in August 2017 and is stepmom to his two sons. In April, the couple attended the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, with Rousey sharing a shot of the night on Instagram.

rousey browne
(Photo: Instagram / @rondarousey)

"My❤️," she captioned the image.

The 31-year-old's statement regarding a potential pregnancy might be a bit of a surprise for fans, as Rousey just recently began her career with WWE. She is set to battle Nia Jax in her first championship match at the "Money in the Bank" Pay-Per-View on June 17 in Chicago, where the pair will compete for the Raw Women's Championship, a title Jax currently holds.

Rousey made the move to WWE in 2018 after a years-long career as a UFC fighter. So far, Rousey has only had one match with WWE, a mixed tag match at WrestleMania. The news of Rousey's match against Jax was unexpected as Rousey appeared to be working alongside Natalya against antagonist Mickie James.

Jax challenged Rousey to the match at the NBCUniversal upfront presentation on Monday, approaching Rousey while the latter was speaking with fellow wrestler Charlotte Flair. Jax questioned whether Rousey has what it takes to be the Raw women's champion, with Rousey first deferring to the other women on the roster.

"Wow, that's a huge honor, and I appreciate that, but I've only had one match and I think there's other women that deserve that title shot before me," she said before accepting the challenge after a nudge by Flair.

Speaking to E! News, Rousey shared that while she and Jax will soon be opponents, they can still remain civil outside the ring.

"We are very civil and professional ladies, so Nia did just challenge me for Money in the Bank to come after her title," Rousey said. "I happily oblige respectfully, so I can sit next to her."

Jax chimed in, "We can still get along for now, but once we get in the ring, it's over. All bets are off, right?"

Rousey added that all of WWE's female wrestlers are professionals working toward the same accomplishment.


"We're professionals, so when we get in there, there's a job to be done," she said. "When we're outside of the ring, then we can still be respectful to each other. We all have the same goals. We're all trying to lift the women's division and to show people that we have more to offer than they've given us credit for in the past."

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