Helen Mirren Suffers Epic Fall at Cannes Film Festival

Helen Mirren stumbled at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday morning, somehow maintaining her composed expression as she landed on the floor.

Mirren, 72, was just walking away from an interview at the lauded film festival, according to a report by Daily Mail. She was surrounded by other people as she took a misstep and ended up sprawled on her stomach, narrowly avoiding a blow to the head.

See pictures of Mirren's fall here.

The iconic British actress seemed to be fine as the people around her helped her to her feet. She was so surprised by the tumble that she even lost one of her shoes.

Mirren was clad in a bright purple leather jacket, with all white underneath. she had on a casual pair of flats, though one of them abandoned her as soon as she lost her footing. The actress seemed to take her accident in stride, smiling as she rose to her feet. She even seemed to joke about the accident.

Mirren turned a lot of heads at the event even before she took a spill. She sported a short, simple haircut and an immaculate coat of make-up. She strode confidently down the Croisette to her interview, where she candidly addressed the way that platforms like Netflix have changed the landscape for filmmakers.

"It’s devastating for people like my husband, film directors, because they want their movies to be watched in a cinema with a group of people. So it’s a communal thing," she said.

Netflix opted not to showcase any of its films at Cannes this year, leaving one less place for directors like her husband, Taylor Hackford, to screen their movies if they decide to work with the streaming giant.

Mirren has actually had nasty falls at red carpet events before. In 2016, she fell down at Cannes as well. She was there promoting The Unknown Girl, which premiered at the festival. The year before that, she stumbled once again at the premiere for Woman in Gold. The movie was screened at the Berlinale International Film Festival.


While Mirren is typically lauded for her performances is huge critical successes, she has dipped her toes into the waters of blockbuster popcorn movies as well. Back in January, she told reporters from Metro that she hoped to return to the Furious franchise after her role in last year's Fate of The Furious.

“I hope so. I would love to do that. That would be just great,” the actress said. She played Magdalene Shaw in the massive box office hit.