Selena Gomez Pokes Fun at Her Met Gala Spray Tan Mishap

Selena Gomez was her own biggest critic after the Met Gala on Monday night, as she posted a video of herself running in terror from her photos.

Gomez posted a clip showing her making her way through the parking garage looking for a ride. In it, the person behind her tells her where the car is, and she begins to run. Her long white dress trails behind her, and begins to flow in the breeze created by her speed.

Me when I saw my pictures from MET 🤷🏽‍♀️

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"C'mon!" she yells.

Gomez related the short video to her own reaction to the photos from the event later on. "Me when I saw my pictures from MET," she wrote along with a shrug emoji.

Gomez was one of the many celebrities who got completely glitzed up for the red carpet event. She wore a custom Coach gown with her hair elaborately arranged and her make up dialed in to perfection. The night's theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and Gomez adorned her outfit with a sparkling cross necklace and a massive pair of earrings.

Gomez disabled commenting on the post, presumably not eager to field questions from fans about its cryptic meaning. In all likelihood, she probably wasn't interested in all 147 million of her followers' opinions about her outfit, either.

According to Coach, the gown was made from vintage cream silk gauze. It is an opera length slip gown, featuring “hand-sewn lace incrustations,” “hand-pleated frills with metal studs” and “crystal embellishments reminiscent of motifs found in the Coach Fall 2018 runway collection.” It is based off of Gomez's favorite scriptural quote: “A woman who fears the Lord is a woman who shall be praised."


Gomez was in the headlines back in March when she laid out in the sun in Sydney. Photographers spotted her in a bikini with the scars from her kidney transplant still showing.

In the process of her kidney procedure, an artery reportedly broke, putting Gomez in even more imminent danger. To repair the damage, surgeons had to remove a vein from her leg, creating a new artery to stablize the kidney. While the reporters saw clear skin over both of Gomez's kidneys, the mark on her inner thigh was still just barely visible.