John Cena Upsets Fans with Latest Instagram Post

John Cena is facing backlash over his latest Instagram post.

Pro wrestler John Cena has found himself in hot water with fans dragging him into the ring after his latest photo posted to Instagram has been dubbed “stupid” and racist.”

(Photo: Instagram / @johncena)

The photo, posted without a caption, immediately ignited the comments section, with fans taking offense with the image and hurling insults and accusations at the 40-year-old wrestler, one person even demanding that the post be deleted.


This is not the first time in recent weeks that Cena’s social media habits have irked fans.

Just days ago the WWE wrestler took to Instagram to share a bizarre meme of ex-fiancé Nikki Bella's face Photoshopped onto a picture of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, something he has done in the past with famous Steves (think: Steve Harvey, Steve Aoki, Steven Tyler, Steve Buscemi and Stephanie McMahon). But this time, the Stone Cold meme caught many a fan's eye, as he used Bella's full birth name, Stephanie Garcia-Colace, in the caption.

Many of Cena’s followers thought the post overstepped the line, the comments section quickly filling with fans writing everything from “you wonder why people don't like you? Immaturity like this is why” to “Stupid and disgusting....Nikki Rocks!"

Bella and Cena announced that they had called off their engagement on April 15, a year after he proposed during WrestleMania 33.

“After much contemplation and 6 years of being together Nikki Bella and John Cena announced today their decision to separate as a couple," Bella said in a statement posted to Instagram. "While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives."

The two were reportedly planning on tying the knot in Mexico on May 5. However, Cena admitted in a previous interview that the two would go for months on end without seeing each other.

“Anytime I get upset, I always just realize that I can't live without her and I love her and that's why I cave in on a lot of stuff. It takes being able to mesh two lives," he said in March. "She's super busy and sometimes we don't see each other for months at a time, but when we do see each other, it's our time and it's our time together. I think, for now at least, that is certainly what's making this work."

Despite the split and the apparent digs at Bella on social media, Cena admitted in a recent interview that he “will always love” his ex-fiancé.


“I love Nicole with all my heart and the split's tough," he told reporters at the event, via TMZ. "It's a tough time but that's life. We all go through highs and we all go through lows."

"I'm gonna get through it. I love her. I'll always love her," he continued. "The fact that my heart hurts for her ... I know I was in love. So, I'll always have that."