Chris Hemsworth Shaves Signature Beard Into Killer Mustache in New Video

When fans think of Chris Hemsworth, they often picture the actor with a clean-shaven face, or perhaps a mane of flowing blonde hair like the one the actor sports when he plays Thor in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Still, everyone likes a change now and again, and the Australian star found himself making one with the debut of a rather magnificent mustache this week.

Hemsworth showed off his transformation in an Instagram video for fans, writing that he was trying to find a new look for an upcoming film.

The video sees Hemsworth try out a few new looks before settling on the 'stache.

"Tryin to find the look for Bad Times at the El Royale written and directed by Drew Goddard," he captioned the clip. "I shot one of my first films with Drew a few years back called Cabin in the Woods. He’s one of my favorite people and one of the most talented in the game, this script blew my mind and the films gonna do the same."

Hemsworth took his beard for one last go-round recently when his family enjoyed a camping trip in Australia, with the actor, wife Elsa Pataky and their three children catching a few waves along with some stunning scenery.

The dad of three made sure to fill fans in on the trip with a few photos and videos, including clips of 5-year-old daughter India Rose and 3-year-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan showing off their natural affinity for the water.

One clip the actor shared featured India following her dad into the water, where she proceeded to latch onto his back as he rode some waves.

Hemsworth captioned the moment, "Day two with my surf coach, she’s like a little angel on my shoulder constantly feeding me knowledge and inspiration and occasionally heavy-handed criticism that borders on abuse but I know it’s for my own good (joke) Thank you coach Indi you’re the greatest, love u."

Fans know that Hemsworth is an avid outdoorsman, and he's clearly passing that love onto his children.

Another clip showed one of the boys riding a surfboard from the water into the sand.

"This sport’s too easy dad I’m just gonna take this one into the beach, peace," Hemsworth joked in the caption.


The actor also posted a group of photos, including a shot of himself in the water with India and Pataky and a snap of the family by a fire pit as Hemsworth mans the grill.

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