Bella Hadid’s Father, Mohamed, Claims NSFW Texts From Model Prove Sex Was Consensual

More than a month after model Miranda "Vee" Vasquez accused him of rape, billionaire Mohamed Hadid says he has phone messages that prove the encounter was consensual. The father of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid called Vasquez a "pathological liar" in court documents.

(Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff, Getty)

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Hadid, a 69-year-old property developer, claims Vasquez helped extort him following a consensual 40-minute sexual encounter with her.

According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Hadid says he has proof Vasquez is lying about being raped, including sexually charged text messages saying he had a "juicy" penis sent to him after the encounter.

"I miss your soft lips & juicy [eggplant emoji]," read the text to Hadid, who has been engaged to Shiva Safai since 2014.

In other texts after the meet-up, Vazquz said Hadid was "sweet" and "nice." She also sent risqué lingerie and bikini photos to Hadid, who claims in his lawsuit that he's a victim of libel, slander and defamation by Vasquez.

He also claims that there was no "sexual intercourse" during the 2017 hookup.

Hadid alleges that Vasquez was paid $8,000 for her part in a plot with two unnamed men to extort Hadid into paying a large sum of money "demanded" by Vasquez, who threatened to go to the police with her date rape claim if he didn't pay.

He did pay, he admits in legal papers, but Vasquez went public with the accusation anyway, using Instagram to accuse him and Guess designer Paul Marciano of sexual harassment.

In response to an Instagram post by model Kate Upton about the #MeToo movement, on Feb. 1, Vasquez wrote, "Thank you [Kate Upton] it is time people like [Paul Marciano] and [Mohamed Hadid] get exposed for who they really are!"

In Upton's post, she had accused Marciano of sexual harassment.

Vasquez claims she met Marciano at his Guess office, where he "sexually harassed" her. After that, he "passed me on to his friend," Hadid. She thought they would be meeting for coffee, but he offered her champagne and "date raped me in [an] apartment. All to get a test shot for Guess."

"Last year when I [tried] to speak out about it, they found out [and] made me sign a non-disclosure agreement," Vasquez claimed. "I only agreed to sign because Paul threatened me [and] said he would [make] me [disappear] if I ever say anything."

A source at Guess also called Vasquez's claim she signed a non-disclosure agreement "bogus." Marciano also denied Upton's claims against him in an interview with TMZ.

Noting in his lawsuit that as a property developer he had "no need or interest in hiring a model," Hadid disputes Vasquez's Instagram claim that she thought her rendezvous with him was going to be a "professional meeting."

"None of the text messages between Hadid and Vasquez leading up to their 40-minute consensual interaction mention having 'coffee," say the court papers.

"None of the text messages…mention a professional meeting...None of the text messages hint or suggest that either Hadid or Vasquez thought their preplanned get together had anything to do with a potential business opportunity or any other professional venture."

Hadid says that Vasquez did not request coffee, but said that "she preferred rose wine."

He insists that he was "respectful" of Vasquez and "in complete control" during their meeting.


"Their consensual get together was short, approximately 40 minutes in total from start to finish and did not include any sexual intercourse," the legal documents say, adding that Vasquez was "sexually aggressive" during their short fling.

Hadid made his fortune in real estate. His ex-wife, Yolanda Hadid, starred in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He is engaged to Second Wives Club star Shiva Safi.