Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hints at Family Drama in Cryptic Tweet

NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. is raising eyebrows after sharing a cryptic message to his social media on Friday.

The 43-year-old son of the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. took to Twitter before the weekend to share a tweet about “fixing” relationships that had many of his followers scratching their heads.

“For all my years I always thought that if I didn’t get along with someone that with enough effort I would be able to make it right. Now lately I’m wondering if there is just no fixing some relationships,” he wrote with a thinking faced emoji.

Fans chimed in asking what was wrong, while others shared words of encouragement, with one writing, “Sometime it does not matter if [it] is friends [or] family, God has a way of working things out;” while another added, “The old adage ‘it takes two to tango’ applies.”

Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR friends, including former U.S. Navy Reserve officer Jesse Iuwji, also replied with a note of reassurance.

“Even in the darkest point of the night, the sun will rise...” Iwuji wrote with a pray hands emoji.

While the Busch Series champion and Daytona 500 winner did not further clarify his message to his followers, his sister Kelley Earnhardt chimed in with her own, sharing how relationships are successfully built by two parties.

“It takes the effort of two people. Not just one. Otherwise you’re wondering is accurate as it will never be mended. It’s also ok to realize that’s maybe it’s just not meant to be fixed. Sometimes it’s better to leave it be,” Kelley wrote.

Followers of Kelley also heeded the advice with many further exploring the discussion between the siblings.

“Your sister is a wise woman [Dale Jr.]. Somethings aren’t meant to be. You can’t please everyone. If it’s meant to be it will happen if not oh well you tried. Sadly it’s the truth,” one user replied.

“You can't make the effort for two...it’s a hard lesson to learn, especially for good hearted people... But sometimes letting go of people isn't because we don't care about them, but because we care about ourselves,” replied another.

While the Earnhardts have remained hush after the tweets, Earnhardt Jr. has a lot to look forward to this year. Last October, the 43-year-old took to Instagram to announce he and his wife, Amy, were expecting their first child, a baby girl.

The NASCAR champion previously spoken out about being ready to become a father and start a family after his upcoming retirement from NASCAR.


“I’m excited to start a family, and I hope I’m fortunate enough to do that with Amy,’’ he said, according to NASCAR. “We definitely want to do that. And it would be weird not being a race car driver if I have a daughter or son, I think about that, would they understand what I’m telling them or what I did for a long time. I’m hoping to find out all that stuff soon.’’

Photo credit: Getty / Sean Gardner