'Desperate Housewives' Actress Teri Hatcher Denies That She's Broke and Homeless

Despite what tabloids have breathlessly claimed, former Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher is not broke and living on four wheels.

The latest issue of Star magazine claims 53-year-old Hatcher is "Broke," "Homeless" and "Living in Her Van!" But in an interview with KTLA in London, Hatcher said the whole thing was bunk.

“On the cover yesterday [Star magazine has] an article that says exactly that — it’s totally absurd — that I am broke and homeless and living out of my van,” Hatcher said, reports PEOPLE. “It’s categorically false. I am not broke. I have done very well investing my money. I am not homeless and I am not living out of my van.”

Hatcher explained that the paparazzi photos of her with a white and green van showed her shooting her YouTube series, Van Therapy, at a Los Angeles beach.

"A couple of weeks ago, the magazine reached out to my publicist to say, ‘We have these paparazzi photos of Teri at the beach,’ which, by the way, I was filming drivebys for my show," Hatcher said.

She continued, "They said they were going to run this story about me being broke, and I think they even used the word suicidal and homeless and whatever. And my lawyer and my publicist said, ‘Categorically not true, you can’t print that, she’s doing a YouTube show, that’s her van, she has many homes in many states all over the country. There’s noting about this that’s true.'"

Hatcher called the whole story "purposefully hurtful."

The actress, who played Lois Lane in the 1993-1997 series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, said it was important for her to speak out as soon as possible because Thursday was International Women's Day.

“I guess something about this time, and maybe exactly because this happened to happen on International Women’s Day, I just felt like, even not for me, somebody has to say, ‘You can’t do this. You can’t egregiously lie hurtfully with such a ridiculous story," Hatcher said. "It’s a kind of harassment and bullying that we can’t take anymore."

"Getting the last laugh on [International Women's Day]," Hatcher wrote on Instagram. "We all deserve a society where women of all ages are respected, and that can start with not accepting lies on the cover of a magazine."

KTLA reports that Hatcher is considering legal action against Star.


In January, Hatcher started a YouTube channel called "Hatching Change" and has since posted 11 Van Therapy episodes. The actress is a Golden Globe winner for Desperate Housewives and also earned an Emmy nomination for the show. Last year, she appeared as Supergirl's mother on the CW series.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Teri Hatcher