Kim Kardashian Noodles Around Topless in Instagram Snap

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself enjoying some noodles on Instagram on Tuesday, but her followers were more focused on the fact that she was topless.

The 37-year-old reality star tagged L.A. photographer Marcus Hyde in the photo, meaning he presumably took the vintage-style shot. Dark streaks line the picture vertically, perhaps indicating that Hyde used a film camera for the shoot and it took some water damage. However, the streaks work nicely with the long, stringy noodles, juxtaposed against Kardashian's exposed skin.

(Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian)

Many fans were also surprised to see a half-finished bottle of Coke Zero on the table between Kardashian and the photographer. They expressed their doubt that someone like Kardashian can afford to drink soda, since her business relies on her maintaining her figure.

"Way to turn that Coke Zero bottle around so the logo doesn't show. No product placement without that [check] lol," wrote one user.

Kardashian captioned the photo with a single emoji, showing a pair of chopsticks over an ornate bowl.

The picture is fairly recent, since Kardashian is rocking her new pink hair in it. The reality star went pink nearly two and a half weeks ago after delcaring that she was "over" her platinum blond look. She later revealed that she had been considering going for pink hair for quite a while.

“Ever since I did the CR Fashion Book shoot and wore a pink wig, I thought it would be fun to dye my hair pink,” she revealed in a new blog post on her website.

“Chris Appleton and I thought about it for a month and then decided to just go for it,” she wrote of her stylist. “Since my hair is blond right now, it was easy to put the pink color over it. I figured now was the perfect timing!”


Kardashian added that the pink 'do was a big hit with her family, though it may not last a very long time.

“North absolutely loves it,” she said. “She was so excited when she woke up to see I had pink hair. Kanye loves it, too. He thinks it’s fun to mix things up.”