Exclusive: Seal Accuser Tracey Birdsall Reacts After Charges Dismissed

(Photo: Facebook / Tracey Birdsall)

Tracey Birdsall has spoken out after the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office revealed they will not pursue charges related to her accusations against Seal.

The actress accused the "Kiss From a Rose" singer of sexual battery after he allegedly groped and forcibly kissed her at his home. However, the DA cited a lack of witnesses or evidence in the case. The incident was said to happen in February 2016, making it outside the statute of limitations.

Birdsall sent a statement to PopCulture.com about the decision and what evidence she provided to authorities.

"I did my part by finally reporting what happened to me," Birdsall wrote. "I hadn’t really kept it a secret, as I used the situation as the impetus for a very difficult scene I had to do in The Time War, a film releasing later this year. Therefore, there’s even behind-the-scenes footage of my discussing what had happened in the middle of the day at my neighbor’s house — back in 2016. (The incident actually occurred at noon because I remember looking at my watch.)"

The Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter actress stated that it is "not her place" to criticize the DA's decision but said some of the evidence she provided "didn’t seem to matter."

"The police and the DA have their jobs to do, and it’s really not my place to tell them how to do it or to have an opinion on it," Birdsall wrote. "There were witnesses at my house when I arrived back home after the incident, but that didn’t seem to matter at the end of the day."

She is already trying to move past the incident, saying she will take what she learned from the ordeal and channel it into her work.

"My life can’t be about this incident," Birdsall wrote. "This was a truth that I spoke, and I do not take it back. We all have the burdens of the experiences that happen in our lives — one small advantage as an actress, is that I can take my life experiences and draw upon them in my work. I have to think positively and move on.

"I will not dwell upon this incident, and I will not focus on it. I have three films coming out this year and my focus has to be on my career and my family — not on this."

Birdsall says she was "amazed at the support" she received after making her accusations against Seal public, but she also condemned those who chose to shame her for coming forward.

"I was also amazed at the backlash and the jokes, as I don’t think anyone would be laughing if it happened to their daughter, their mother, or their wife or girlfriend — when visiting a neighbor in the middle of the day," she wrote. "I believe that we as people need to pay attention and protect each other and support one another — 'have each others backs,' as my neighbor used to say. Ironic, as that same neighbor is the person I spoke out about here."

The actress also combated the insinuation that she came forward with the alleged encounter "for attention," saying no one "in their right minds" would speak out on such a manner for publicity.

"None of us think that this could ever happen to us, and most of us go to great lengths to never be in a situation where this could happen," Birdsall added.

"To those of you who haven’t spoken up, there is no shame in doing so, but also no glory. Do not hide your life experiences to protect another who didn’t take your feelings into consideration when they didn’t respect your body or your personal integrity.”

Seal has adamantly denied all accusations levied against him by Birdsall.