Logan Paul's Brother Defends YouTube Reaction to Latest Controversy

Logan Paul’s brother is coming to the defense of YouTube, stating that he “gets it.”

Jake Paul, the 21-year-old brother of YouTuber Logan Paul, isn’t making excuses for his brother and his controversial videos, taking the video platform’s side and admitting that his brother has made mistakes.

“It feels like a lot, but I think they [YouTube] know what’s best for their platform, and they’ve treated us amazing over the years, and I think that my brother needs to get better at determining what he should put in his videos or not when millions of kids are watching,” Paul told TMZ. “I get it. I do think Logan has good intentions and he’s a good person. I’m his brother and I know him the most, so I know where he’s coming from. But I get that YouTube has to protect their platform. He’s just one creator on the platform.”

Paul has faced continuous backlash after posting a video titled, “We Found a Dead Body in the Japanese Suicide Forest.” The video, posted early in January, showed Paul and his crew exploring Japan’s infamous Aokigahara Forest and stumbling upon the body of a suicide victim. A second video showed Paul mocking Japanese culture.

The video was just the first of the 22-year-old’s controversies, and despite taking a nearly month-long break from uploading to his channel, his return has been met with more controversy.

The YouTuber has faced fierce backlash after posting a video showing him Tasering dead rats. The action, dubbed by many as inhumane, even drew outcry from animal rights organization PETA. Paul also sparked controversy by making light of the “Tide Pod Challenge” with an insensitive tweet.

In response to the controversial moves the 22-year-old has made since his return, YouTube announced that it would be suspending all advertising on his YouTube channels, which boast more than 16 million followers.