Scott Baio Claims Nicole Eggert Wanted Him ‘to Be Her First’

Scott Baio continues to deny his former Charles in Charge co-star Nicole Eggert's allegations that he molested her as a minor, maintaining that they only engaged in sexual activity when she was 18 — after she seduced him.

Appearing on Good Morning America on Wednesday, Baio insisted that “absolutely nothing” inappropriate happened between the two when she was under 18 years old.

The 57-year-old also stressed that the crowded set of the ’80s sitcom wouldn’t have made any such behavior impossible.

“On any given day, especially on ‘Charles in Charge,’ which was like a picnic — one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever done — there’s teachers, parents, family, crew, producers, my dad — so how any of this could’ve happened is absolutely impossible,” he said.

“It was impossible because when a child is on a set, they’re either in school or they’re on the set with a teacher and their parents,” he added.

He described his relationship with Eggert, 46, on the sitcom — which ended in November 1990 — as “great.”

“I can tell you, and I mean this sincerely, one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” he said. “Talented girl. We had a great time. Everybody liked each other.”

When asked about Eggert's claim that he molested her in his car in his garage when she was 14, he said, "I have no idea what that means."

He said that they remained friends “after our only sexual encounter, which she aggressively sought.”

“She wanted me to be her first so that she will be good for her boyfriend,” he added.

Baio said he couldn't explain his co-stars Alexander Polinsky and Adam Carl's defense of Eggert. Both have recalled witnessing Baio’s inappropriate behavior.

"I don’t know what they’re saying,” Baio said. “I don’t know why they’re saying it.”

On Tuesday, Eggert told Megyn Kelly that she was considering all legal action and is considering filing a police report.

“I was very young and it was shocking. I had never experienced anything like that before either," Eggert told Kelly.

The 46-year-old actress told Kelly that Baio, who would have been 26 at the time of the assault, immediately "took to me and befriended me and earned my trust" when Charles in Charge started filming in 1986, when Eggert was 14 years old.

Baio defended himself on Facebook Live Saturday afternoon, saying, "The reason I’m doing Facebook Live is because no one can edit me…. This is the truth."

Baio said Eggert first made claims against him back in 2012 and 2013, which he said was her way of trying to promote a reality show she was on. His wife, Renee, could be heard in the background offering him advice on his defense.

“People like me get beat up," Baio said, showing letters he sent to Eggert and Charles in Charge co-star Alexander Polinsky after the two approached him in 2017, which he described as when they “decided to team up against” him.

Baio ended the 16-minute video by saying, "I don't know what else to put out there. She's my best friend in the world, then all of a sudden I'm the bogeyman. The problem with almost all he said/she said cases is they're he said/she said. Now, go prove it or disprove it...the real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren't taken seriously, and that's too bad."