Demi Lovato Teases ‘Big News Coming Soon’ As She Poses in Lingerie

Demi Lovato has something big in store for fans, according to an Instagram post she made late on Monday night.

The actress posted a glammed up shot of herself in white lingerie. It’s a lacey one piece number, and she has some kind of matching jacket or shawl hanging off of her arms down by her waist. She wears a smoldering expression, and her mass of black hair tumbles wildly in every direction.

What really has fans scratching their heads, however, is Lovato’s caption. “Big news coming soon……..” It reads.

Big news coming soon.......

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Many fans speculated that Lovato might be announcing the launch of a lingerie brand in her name. It would line up with a lot of Lovato’s work recently, as she’s been modeling her own line of activewear. Lovato’s Instagram is full of photos of the actress in leggings, sports bras and other spandex get ups that have her name on the tag somewhere.

It would also be in keeping with Lovato’s dedication to body positivity and self-love. Lovato suffered from bulimia for years, and she’s made her journey to recovery very public. She’s reclaimed the poolside bikini selfies and glitzed up magazine portraits as an expression of her contentment with herself rather than an attempt to get fulfillment where there isn’t any, and she lets her fans know that not every day on set at a photo shoot is a picnic.

With that in mind, it would be just Lovato’s style to promote some kind of body-positive lingerie. The singer promotes a healthy amount of flaunting even as she stresses the importance of working on her inner self.

Other fans in the comment section guessed that the announcement had something to do with Angelo Kritikos, the photographer who was tagged in the post. Presumably, Kritikos took the photo of Lovato, and the many others on his Instagram profile. However, fans wondered if the two might be cooking up something else together.

Kritikos has directed four music videos according to his website, and he seems intent on working with Lovato as much as possible. The singer’s followers speculated that she might drop a new song with a video made by Kritikos attached.

Only time will tell, as Lovato’s cryptic announcement comes to fruition.