Queen Elizabeth Fires Royal Bra Fitter

Queen Elizabeth's royal bra fitter is "deeply hurt" after her firm lost the contract, after publishing a tell-all memoir called Storm in a D-Cup.

According to The Express, June Kenton, 82, lost the contract to fit the Queen for bras at Buckingham Palace shortly after the book was published in March 2017.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Kenton said she was "deeply hurt" by the royal family's decision, and called it an "overreaction."

"We never come out of the fitting room talking about a customer, ever… let alone the Queen. I've never said one single word every time I've been about the Queen," Kenton said. "It is very sad for me that they didn't like it and I'm finding that very difficult to accept. It's horrible and a real shock."

Her daughter, Jill Kenton, told the Daily Mail that the book was not the "kiss and tell" memoir it was made out to be.

"My mother would never have done anything to slate the Royal Family, ever. This has actually destroyed her," Jill Kenton said.

In the book, Kenton wrote about fitting the half-dressed Queen in the palace, reports the Express. She also included intimate details about working with Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

Kenton, who claimed to be "the U.K.'s leading boobologist," wrote in her book that Princess Diana ordered Israeli-designed swimsuits and picked up posts of models in swimsuits for her sons, Prince William and Harry. She also claimed that the Queen Mother told her Princess Margaret told her what to wear, but she ignored her daughter.

“Shall I tell you what I do?” the Queen Mother said, according to Kenton. “I pretend to listen to Margaret and then, once she has gone, I order what I want.”

Kenton and her husband were the majority stakeholders of Rigby & Peller, which received the royal warrant in 1960 under previous owners. When the Kentons took over in 1982, they kept the contract. In 2011, they sold a majority stake for £8 million to Van de Velde. Kenton remained on the board. Her husband is now suffering from dementia.

"Rigby & Peller is deeply saddened by this decision and is not able to elaborate further on the cancellation out of respect for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association," the firm said in a statement.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the contract.