Report: Harvey Weinstein Too Broke to Pay Child Support

Disgraced Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein is reportedly so strapped for cash that he is unable to pay child support.

Weinstein is said to have told his ex-wife Eve Chilton that he can't pay the child support he owes for “at least one year,” according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

Per the documents, Chilton was demanding $5 million that she claims he owes her from their 2004 divorce settlement. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz released a sealed Jan. 2 ruling in which her demand was denied.

Chilton “claimed such relief was warranted as there was ‘real and present danger’ he would default on his financial obligations to her, noting she was informed he would not be able to pay his child support for at least one year,” the court decision read.

“He’s prepaying many, many lawyers many, many millions of dollars to defend himself against these lawsuits all over the world,” Bonnie Rabin, Chilton’s attorney, said in court in Dec., referring to the many allegations of sexual harassment and abuse against Weinstein by dozens of women.

The judge came to his decision by citing that Chilton and her lawyer failed to show “a consistent pattern of arrears,” which is a requirement in order to be able to force payment.

“Harvey has always paid his child support and will continue to honor his obligations,” said Ben Brafman, Weinstein’s lawyer, “The claim about not paying for a year is nonsense.”

Just as the accusations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein seemed to have possibly reached an end, a new allegation came to light in Nov. that he once sexually assaulted a legally blind actress.

A crisis manager with the Armenta Law Firm said they were “recently approached by a legally blind, disabled actress” who claims that Weinstein assaulting her at his office building in New York several years ago.

Reportedly, the currently unidentified woman was auditioning for a role as a disabled person and shortly after her audition was allegedly attack by Weinstein in a stairwell nearby.

According to sources who spoke to The Blast, "the actress was left by Harvey Weinstein to fend for herself in a stairwell after the rape, and subsequently rescued by a building janitor."

The Armenta Law Firm crisis manager called it "a most heinous crime." The woman sought out the help of a law firm after seeing other women come forward with stories about Weinstein.

Representatives for Weinstein were reportedly on the record as saying that the producer "unequivocally denies any and all allegations of nonconsensual sex."