'Chicago Fire' Actress Claims She Was Choked by Hotel Bouncer

Chicago Fire actress Alexandra Metz has filed a lawsuit against the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles and alleged that a hotel bouncer put her in a chokehold.

Metz, who plays Elise Mills on the NBC drama, was at the hotel during summer 2016 when an unidentified bouncer allegedly forced her into an elevator, according to TMZ.

During this process, the man put her in a chokehold, twisted her wrist and threw her to the ground.

Metz says she's suffered anxiety attacks because of the incident, in addition to being injured.

The reasoning for the incident was not explained in the lawsuit, and Ace has yet to comment on the suit.

Metz's attorney, Neil Steiner, says his team is zeroing in on identifying the specific bouncer that carried out the alleged assault.