Fans Have a Problem With Jessica Simpson's Veteran's Day Post

Jessica Simpson seems to have riled up some of her Instagram followers with the Veteran's Day post she shared.

"When I woke up this morning I was in tears overwhelmed with appreciation for the fiercely loyal dedication of those who have served our country and to those who continue to serve our country. Thank you to all the families for your daily sacrifice," Simpson commented on a photo of herself with military personnel.

"Thank you God for blessing America through the determination of these Men and Women. Thank you God for Independence," she added.

Some of her followers took issue with her comment about being "in tears," however.

One person wrote, "Really... You woke up in tears tho?"

Another echoed that statement by saying, "You were in tears? Really?"

Many then came to Simpson's defense, with one fan writing, "I understand completely what you are saying [Jessica Simpson]. I wake up too crying and wondering what the future holds for our beautiful children."

Simpson is no stranger to unintentionally controversial holiday Instagram posts. Earlier this year, her Father's Day post drew criticism from followers as well.

In the photo, Simpson and her family are posed in their Sunday best, while her husband, Eric Johnson, holds up their daughter Maxwell Drew as high as he can with one hand.

Simpson's followers were decidedly not okay with this.

One very adamant user wrote, "YOU CAN DROP THE DAWM GIRL DONT DO THAT FOR A PICTURE GOSH," while another asked, "why hedoing that?"

Another wrote, "Jessica's smiling but any mother is thinking.... 'you drop her and you f*%king DIE!'"