Jessica Simpson Slammed for Being 'Too Old' for Latest Saucy Look

Jessica Simpson’s latest Instagram post is catching some heat from social media.

According to the Daily Mail, just months after receiving backlash for posting a picture of her daughter on Instagram, Simpson is facing scrutiny yet again for a photo captioned “Channeling my inner schoolgirl,” which features her donning pigtails and lying on animal print rugs. It’s an image that many have deemed inappropriate.

Channeling my inner school girl #fall17

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The photo, posted only a day ago, has already received almost 60,000 likes and more than 700 comments, ranging from fans dying over her fishnet socks to others utterly offended by the picture.

“No,no, are. Beautiful pigtails please. It is not age appropriate,” one commenter wrote, expressing the opinion of many.

“Pigtails? Not flattering at all. Maybe if you were 2 lol,” commented another.

Another person even went so far as to say that the image makes them want to poke their eyeballs out. “I usually adore you. But this makes me want to put my eyeballs out with a pencil. Please stop.”

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But for ever negative comment, there were just as many positive ones.

“I normally do not post on celebrity sites. I'm one that like and or keep it moving...but I had to stop and post a little something...I think your hair is adorable! It's no different than those that are an adult and put their hair in a messy bun..what's the difference? I may not ever understand WHY people think it is okay to SAY whatever they want to people,” one fan wrote. “WORDS to hurt and the tongue can kill! Remember when your mom use to say...If you can't say anything nice at all...DON'T SAY ANYTHING...well this is one of those times people! #bepositivealways #goldenrule”

Another person spoke to the haters directly. “Haters are always going to have something to say. I love wearing pigtails, I often do it to pep myself up for a workout, as silly as that sounds. Who cares? Wear your hair how you want to. It's your body, your hair, and your choice!”

And while some had no issue with the pigtails, they scrutinized the picture for another reason entirely – the animal print rugs.

“Beautiful as always but I have to ask... Are those faux skins under you? I certainly would not like it if they were real, but I think you're smarter than that.”

Celebrities just can’t win.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpson