Spencer Pratt Spoofs Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' in the Most Hilarious Way

Taylor Swift set the internet ablaze when she dropped her new video for "Look What You Made Me Do," and now Hills-alum Spencer Pratt has posted a hilarious spoof of that video.

Over the course of his side-splittingly hilarious spoof, first shared by E! News, Pratt sips some soup, feeds a hummingbird from his hand, hangs out on his motorcycle, and takes his dogs for a walk near the ocean.

He does all this while lip-syncing to "Look What You Made Me Do," and it's absolute gold.

The video also briefly features his very pregnant wife Heidi Pratt.

Being somewhat fond of outlandish public antics, Pratt was recently caught on camera wrestling a British comedian to the ground and choking him out.

See the video here.

Pratt and stand-up comedian Keith Lemon were filmed by TMZ having a brief bout where Pratt chokes out Lemon in the bushes between a store window and the sidewalk.

Lemon very loudly yelled for Pratt to stop and repeatedly said that the reality TV personality was hurting him.

It does all appear to be in good fun, however, it seems as if the two men are just yucking it up for the camera.

Additionally, Lemon is actually just a comedic character created by Leigh Francis, who is the person seen in the video, so it's likely this was all just part of his act.

There's no word on why the two were hanging out together, but it could be assumed that they are working on a project.