Kylie Jenner Criticized for Letting Daughter Stormi Wear Hoop Earrings

Kylie Jenner's 2-year-old daughter Stormi has proved herself to be a budding fashionista, and the toddler showed of some new accessories on Tuesday when her mom filmed her wearing a pair of gold hoop earrings with her name engraved on them.

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Stormi paired her personalized earrings with a white tank top, white shorts and white Nike sneakers, her hair pulled up to better show off her new hoops. Photos shared by Jenner see the toddler standing outside before walking over to a car, where she proceeded to admire her hoops in the reflection.

"Go best friend," Jenner captioned the post.

After sharing the photos of Stormi, the Kylie Cosmetics founder was met with criticism from social media users who chastised her for allowing her daughter to wear large hoops at such a young age.

"In my opinion those hoops on baby stormi are teww big," tweeted one user. "Kylie won’t be all 'go best friend' when Stormi rips her earlobes open when she pulls on them hoops," shared a second.

"She’s literally a toddler she gonn’ rip them expensive ass hoops off," someone else wrote. A fourth person commented, "Now..come on! She's too young for those! Sheesh..people need to let these babies be babies, not a miniature grownup!"

Others were in full support of the look.

"baby hoops on Stormi is the baby fever that I really didn’t need," one wrote. Another tweet exclaimed, "Stormi wearing hoops at the age of 2 is MEEEEEEE."

"Stormi looks mad cute w her lil hoops," offered a third person. A fourth tweeted, "Stormi wearing name plate baby hoops is the cutest thing I seen on the internet today."

According to Jenner's Story, Stormi was fully attached to the jewelry and refused to let Jenner take the earrings off of her, exclaiming, "No!" when her mom attempted to reach for them.

Jenner first revealed that her daughter had pierced ears in July 2018, when Stormi was five months old, though it's now known when she officially got her ears pierced.


Stormi wore a pair of tiny rhinestone studs in a different post Jenner shared to Instagram on Feb. 8 when she posted a video of Stormi using a plastic microphone. "Hello," the toddler repeated before Jenner asked her to say, "Rise and shine."

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