Amy Schumer Jokingly Calls Parenting 'Nuts' Among New List of Glowing Recommendations

A few months in, Amy Schumer finds parenting to be "nuts." The snarky comedian is still working her way through the infant phase with her son Gene, born on May 5, but it all seems to be worth it. After much consideration, Schumer has decided "to recommend being a parent if you can."

Schumer posted a candid selfie on Saturday, showing herself and her husband Chris Fischer both drenched in sweat. The two were inside a gymnasium, having apparently just finished playing a game of volleyball. Schumer thanked her personal trainer and then updated fans on some of her favorite things recently.

"3 months after a C playing doubles volleyball for 90 minutes! [ajcorectology] thanks I feel so strong!" she wrote. "I wanted to recommend a few things!"

Schumer's recommendations included Trick Mirror, a new book by author Jia Tolentino of the New Yorker, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's new film. Schumer described the grizzly film as "very fun!"

"And I want to recommend being a parent if you can. It’s nuts," she concluded.

Just a few hours later, Schumer posted a candid shot of Fischer holding Gene at some kind of outdoor function, apparently showered and refreshed. The two are finding ways to stay active in the hectic life of new parents, and it seems to be going well for them.

This is not the first time Schumer has talked about getting her strength back, either. In a recent Instagram post, she responded a commenter saying that she is "grateful to be feeling so strong again!"

As usually, no subject is off-limits with Schumer either. She has weighed in on every aspect of the post-childbirth life, revealing last month that her normal cycles were returning to her.

First period in a year," she wrote alongside photos of herself on the beach with Fischer. She included red-colored emojis, to fans' amusement.


Schumer's career has been built on unflinching honesty, often dipping into the realm of over-sharing. Earlier this year she released her latest stand-up special, Growing, which was filmed during her pregnancy. There, she spared no detail about the trials and tribulations of carrying a child, but she had some heartfelt moments as well. The special has favorable reviews with critics and fans, who enjoyed seeing the classically crass comedian dealing with something new in her trademark way.

Schumer's next project is still a way off, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. It is a series titled Love, Beth, coming to Hulu sometime in the future. The show has no release date and little information, but Schumer is a writer, producer and star on it.


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