‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama


‘A Dark Place’ Star Luke Baines Talks Stepping Into a ‘Very Different’ Role in Suspense Drama

Abby Lee Miller Celebrates After Finishing 5th Round of Chemo: 'I Deserve a Little Treat'

Abby Lee Miller treated herself to a makeover in celebration of her fifth round of chemo therapy.

Miller took to Instagram on Friday, announcing that her fifth round of chemo treatment is over. She smiled at the camera from bed, had a cap on her head and a hospital bracelet on her wrist. But that did not stop her from getting dolled up. She was applying mascara in the photo, with big gold hoop earrings on.

(Photo: Instagram / Abby Lee Miller)

"I just finished my 5th round of Chemo!!!" she wrote "I think I deserve a little treat today, so I’m putting on my make-up just in case!"

Miller has kept fans posted with a blow by blow of her treatment. On Monday, she posted about the beginning of her fifth round, announcing that she only has one more cycle to go through after this.

"My 5th round of Chemo begins tonight!" she wrote at the time. "4 Down and 2 to go! Cycle five officially begins." Miller added several hashtags to her post including "fighter."

Miller is dealing with Burkitt Lymphoma, a Non-Hodgkin's form of lymphoma that she was diagnosed with shortly after leaving prison. She has been in treatment since April, and has kept her fans posted with updates on her treatment, physical therapy and her optimistic outlook.

Doctors had a hard time pinpointing what was ailing Miller at first. She underwent an emergency back surgery in April, when surgeons hoped the had an infection that could be treated. Instead, they discovered the cancer.

Still, Miller has not let the health crisis slow her down. Last week, it was reported that she is returning for the upcoming season of Dance Moms. Miller left the show in a huff towards the end of season 7, furious that she was not getting creative credit for all the things she said she was doing for the production.


Shortly after that, the 51-year-old was sentenced to a year in prison over her bankruptcy fraud charges. Between that and her medical nightmare, something has given Miller a change of heart, as she is heading back to the show that started her reality TV career.

"Abby Lee Miller has launched some of the most successful careers of this generation!" reads the Dance Moms season 8 casting call. "She is currently casting NEW talent for Dance Moms. Does your daughter/son outshine their competition? Are they destined for greatness? Would they love the opportunity to train and compete as a member of ALDC? This could be the fast-track to stardom your kid deserves!"