Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Sarah Stage Works out With Her Baby: 'Please Don't Body Shame'

Sarah Stage posted a work out montage on Instagram where she's seen exercising with her infant son in her arms. The controversial model and mother asked her followers, "please don't body shame .. again ! As we are all different shapes and sizes."

No excuses! This morning was my first time working out in 9 weeks and although I have a long way to go to build my muscle strength and endurance back up again, (so please don’t body shame .. again ! As we all are different shapes and sizes ) luckily there’s an inner strength thats been building since I’ve had time to reflect. I’ve learned that when i focus on being in the moment together with my babes and reducing my own expectations of what needs to be done in a day I’m more content because i know i can’t get these special moments back and all the little things don’t matter. I’ve also realized that it’s important to also make self-care a priority and try to do something for ourselves daily, this morning for me, it was doing a 20 minute workout at home. I know some mothers feel guilty about doing things for themselves and I’ve even gotten mom shamed for taking the time out for myself but if we are happy, then that makes us better wives, Friends, daughters. Mother’s etc. Whatever your fitness goals are, i want to be a support system to help you reach them 💪🏼 since it’s almost a New Year i thought it could be a fresh start so today only I’m giving you my Nutrition Guide for free(which has meal preps, grocery lists, healthy recipes which are delicious and snack ideas) when you get my Fitness Guide 🎁 I know how hard it is to balance fitness, family, career and breastfeeding every 2 hours lol Sometimes the most difficult thing is just getting started but i got your back 👯‍♀️ you can always leave a comment below with any questions you have ❤️ u! We got this🙌🏼 #momlife #momboss

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Stage is known as a model and an active persona in the online fitness world. However, she really rose to Internet fame during her first pregnancy in 2015. She became known as "the six-pack mom" — as her abs never disappeared throughout her whole pregnancy.

Because of her minuscule baby bump, many commenters accused her of carrying a malnourished baby for the sake of her own vanity. However, her son was born right on schedule, weighing almost nine pounds. The same happened this year, when Stage's body barely changed shape to bring her second child into the world in October, weighing 7.2 pounds.

Stage credits her healthy lifestyle and love of exercise for the shape she's in. She also reminds her followers often that everyone's body is different, yet each of her posts becomes a heated debate about health and motherhood in the comment section.

This latest video at least seems to show that Stage's two children enjoy their quality time with their mom while she works out. Stage's 2-year-old does squats and lunges along with his model mother — the workout is indistinguishable from play for him. Meanwhile, the infant rests comfortably in her arms throughout the action, oblivious that his 7-pound body is helping his mother stay toned.