Mark Consuelos Tells Kelly Ripa He Doesn't Want More Kids

Mark Consuelos recently confessed to his wife Kelly Ripa that he doesn't want to have more kids. PEOPLE shared an exclusive preview excerpt from Ripa's upcoming podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, in which she and Consuelos have a candid conversation about marriage and raising children. Notably, the couple shares three kids: sons Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 20, as well as daughter Lola, 21.

At one point, Consuelos, 51, tells Ripa, 52, that he would not remarry after her, with one reason being that he "isn't gonna have more kids." He added, "I don't want more kids. I'll be an older dad." Ripa then asked, "Do you know how many dads I know older than you that were just starting to have kids?" Consuelos replied, "Yeah. And those poor bastards have no idea, because what happens next? You're talking about hip replacements, knee replacements, and they're gonna be that dad, not there's anything wrong with that dad."

The actor then added, "But I did it early. I didn't plan it that way. It just happened. And we got really lucky that's what we did when we did it." Finally, Consuelos offered, "I thought it was too early. We should have had like a good year or two years just to ourselves. But no, I think that I'm looking forward to being a grandfather. I'm really looking forward to that. That's about as much parenting as I want."

Recently, it was announced that Consuelos would be joining his wife as the new co-host of Live, following Ryan Seacrest's announcement that he is leaving Live With Kelly and Ryan. The Riverdale actor later made an appearance on the show to talk about the big news. "I get to share a coffee with you every morning before the show and now I'll have one with you on the show as well," Consuelos told his Ripa.

Seacrest then spoke up, telling Consuelos, "I do want to say you are a brother to me. You are a family member to me. I have become so close with both of you." He added, "I couldn't be happier to see you come in and be next to your wife every day," then praised Ripa as "the most amazing human being on the planet." Consuelos replied, saying he "echoed" Seacrest's heartfelt comments, adding, "I can't think of a better person to sit next to my wife the past six years. You're a true friend, you're a brother, you're generous to my wife -- to my whole family."

Consuelos then said to a noticeable emotional Seacrest, "I got to meet your family, too ... I loved your parents and your niece and your sister and brother-in-law." Finally, Consuelos asserted that he recognizes the "iconic" role he is taking over from Seacrest as a co-host of ABC's long-running morning talk show. "I think it's going to be a blast," he added.