Ali Wong Speaks out on 'Very Unconventional Divorce' Amid Reunion Speculation

Comedian Ali Wong sparked plenty of rumors about reuniting with estranged husband Justin Hakuta popped up in February after the couple was spotted together. Prior reports indicated the former couple was together in San Francisco on Feb. 18, leading many to indicate the couple's divorce filing might've been premature.

But as Wong relays in a recent feature with The Hollywood Reporter, their meetup and friendly relationship shouldn't be seen as a sign of a reunion but more related to their unique relationship. "We're really, really close; we're best friends. We've been through so much together. It's a very unconventional divorce," Wong told the outlet. Her split, dating life, and much more made headlines in April 2022 and will become part of her next stand-up show after promotion for her Netflix drama Beef wraps up. Still, Wong was surprised by just how much attention her relationship received.

"I did not expect the announcement to be so widespread, but by far the hardest part about getting divorced was my mother's reaction," she told THR. "I had told her before that I thought we might get divorced, and she was really upset. She looked me in the eye and asked, 'Can you just wait until I die?' She was literally asking me to not live a life for myself...But then, what was kind of cool about the announcement was that she didn't have to tell any of her friends. All of them found out because it made it to a bunch of the Chinese and Vietnamese newspapers – I still can't believe why on earth they would be interested in me – and they all called her. She died a million deaths in one day and then woke up the next day and was like, 'I survived.'"

As THR notes, Wong will head back on tour in June and will have Hakuta with her along with their daughters. On top of that, most of the material making up this upcoming tour will be based on Wong's post-divorce life and dating exploits. One can assume there will be jokes about Bill Hader included, though she might not be kissing and telling. "I'm still workshopping it, but the bones are there and it came to me very fast. This is the first hour I'm doing since I started where I'm single. I think we're going to call it the Single Lady tour," Wong said.