Gwen Stefani Leans on Blake Shelton for Support Amid Co-Parenting Drama With Ex Gavin Rossdale

Despite being divorced for three years, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are apparently still struggling to work out parenting duties. During the rough times, the No Doubt vocalist leans on Blake Shelton, according to a source.

HollywoodLife reports that the exes "don't see eye-to-eye," and Shelton is always there to support her while she figures things out.

“Gwen and Gavin have had a challenging time co-parenting,” the outlet's source says. “They don’t see eye to eye on several things. Blake has been so helpful with the kids and truly cares for them and is always there with an ear to listen and support Gwen as she deals with Gavin and issues that arise from co-parenting. Gwen and Gavin really don’t speak that much unless they need to. No matter what though, they always put their kids first, they just don’t agree on most things, but what exes do?”

The source goes on to say that a lot of the exes' parenting disputes stem from the Bush frontman's alleged challenge to maintain a work/life balance when it comes to music and parenting.

“Gwen feels she’s constantly making decisions for the kids alone,” the source adds. “She knows Gavin is a great dad when he’s with the kids, she just wishes she’d get a little more help when it comes to school, schedules, etc. She gets frustrated and overwhelmed with it all sometimes as Gavin sometimes finds it challenging to balance career and kids. She really is the primary decision maker and truly is a super mom. Gwen is much better at it.”

The outlet previously ran a report that stated that Rossdale was a bit uncomfortable with how close Shelton has gotten with his sons. However, he does acknowledge that Shelton gives them new kinds of activities to enjoy and that he will always be to boys' true father.


“It is challenging for Gavin to watch his boys grow closer and more attached to Gwen’s boyfriend Blake,” that story's source said. “As Gwen’s relationship with Blake continues to grow stronger, Gavin struggles with how much quality time Blake spends with his sons, time that Gavin sometimes feels should be time that he is bonding with his own sons. Gavin appreciates that Blake is a great guy and he knows how much the boys enjoy fishing and doing country things with Blake, things that Gavin would not or could not do with them, so Gavin understands. However, Gavin reminds the boys that he will always be their real father because he fears any hurt the boys may endure should Gwen or Blake decide to split one day.”

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp


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