'The Conners' Star Michael Fishman's Wife Files Divorce Documents

The Conners star Michael Fishman's wife, Jennifer Briner officially filed for divorce on Monday.

Fishman, who has played DJ Conner since the original run of Roseanne, announced that he and Briner would be divorcing back in December. Things have moved slowly since then, but according to a report by TMZ, Briner filed divorce documents on Monday.

Fishman reportedly included a response that accompanied Briner's divorce petition, which could help things move along. It was Briner who filed for legal separation back in December, and it looks like she will be leading the charge as far as the courts are concerned.

Fishman and Briner have been married since 1999. When they wed, Fishman was just 18. They have two children together, one in college and one 16 years old.

Back in December, Fishman opened up about the separation in a long personal statement on Twitter.

"Nineteen years ago, as young kids, Jennifer and I entered marriage with little more than love," he wrote. "All marriages are complex, with tremendous growth and change over the course of a twenty-year relationship. Goals shift, life challenges us, and our twenty years together have been a resounding success. We are raising two wonderful children who continue to be the focus of our decision making, they remain our top priority."

"Over the course of the last two years," the actor went on, "beginning in June of 2017, we came to realize our individual goals and paths had shifted. After much thought and careful consideration we made the mutual decision then to amicably separate. Due to the age of our children we have been able to have open dialogue, sharing the process honestly as we remain the closest of friends."

Fishman even let fans know the reason they were separating instead of divorcing right away. He explained that he and Briner "always put our children first, working together" to ensure their health and safety. To that end, they decided to put off the divorce so that their health insurance status would not change.

"We completed our marriage with compassion, kindness and respect," he continued. "Opting to postpone filing until after the holidays and the completion of our son's first semester at college. Through love and communication, we are transitioning our family, unravelling the complex responsibilities forged over nineteen years."


It looks like things worked out on that score, as the divorce is now underway. It seems like Fishman and Briner will stay amicable, however.

"Collectively we are focused on privately making the transition as seamless and undisruptive for our family," Fishman concluded at the time.