Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Reveal the One Major Rule in Their Relationship

(Photo: Twitter / @cmfcody)

When it comes to Hollywood couples in love, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have everyone amazed. Even after so many years of marriage and parenting children together, they absolutely keep the flame alive.

That's left countless people clamoring for their relationship secrets, and now Kidman is sharing one really important one, Rare Country reports.

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“Keith and I don’t ever text,” Nicole revealed to InStyle magazine in an interview published in its July 2017 issue, “We call [each other.] That’s just what we’ve always done. We’re old-school.”

While that might sound crazy in today's text-heavy world, we think it's pretty cool that they make a point to stop and call each other. All the kissy-face emojis in the world can't take the place of hearing your sweetheart's voice during a long day.

This is definitely a tip from everyone's favorite Aussie country couple worth trying.


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