Will Terminator: Genesis Just Be Called "Terminator?"

If you work in the entertainment press, you've heard rumors that the upcoming Terminator reboot from Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor will be renamed from the current Terminator: Genesis to just plain old Terminator.

The rumors started to circulate because even after they'd officially announced Terminator: Genesis as the film's name, subsequent press releases started calling it just Terminator without any notification that the film's name had changed.

It's being called Vista on set, but that was never the title. It's like calling Iron Man 3 "Caged."

Bleeding Cool now says they've actually been told by two unrelated sources that the fim's name-change is official and final -- and given that it already seemed like a done deal, dual confirmation is probably all anybody needs for the press to start referring to it as such, in the same way Batman vs. Superman became the go-to title for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice after web domain registrations turned up to show what Warners had planned.