Community's Donald Glover Won't Be Back as a Series Regular

donaldspidermanWith NBC's cult-hit Community entering what most assume will be its final season on the network, star Donald Glover reportedly will not return as a series regular and will only appear in five episodes of the fifth season.

Vulture reported last night that the actor series producer Sony Pictures Television "have worked out a new agreement that will see Glover appearing as Troy Barnes in just five of the show's upcoming thirteen episodes," which will save Sony money and allow Glover to focus on his burgeoning music career as Childish Gambino.

According to the report, Sony probably could have kept Glover attached to all 13 episodes, but a compromise was found that will allow him to focus on what's presumably the next stage of his career now that the series is almost over.

Glover's co-star Chevy Chase quit the series late last year after a headline-making altercation with showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port about the direction of his character. He'd had several such conflicts with former showrunner Dan Harmon, who will return to shepherd the show through season five.