The Expendables 3 Slated for August 2014

Expendables 3 teaserSylvester Stallone has just uploaded the graphic at right to his Facebook page, indicating that Expendables 3 will hit theaters in August 2014.

The film will bring back Stallone and a number of other major, aging action stars from the first two movies as well as bringing in some new blood. Stallone and Lionsgate, who produces the franchise, are currently in talks with Milla Jovovich as well as Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage.

The previous film came out in August of last year, almost exactly two years prior to when we'll see the third installment. Most of the cast is expected to return, although Chuck Norris has already said that he will not. Lionsgate is also exploring the possibility of expanding the franchise--either to an all-female version reportedly led by Gina Carano and Sigourney Weaver, or into television as a cable show.