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Jenna Dewan Tatum Proves Strong Is Sexy in New Photoshoot

Kelsey Patterson


Jenna Dewan Tatum shows she can be goofy, sultry and sporty in a single shoot.

The 37-year-old actress graced the cover of Health in the March issue and to celebrate, she released some of the fun photos on Instagram Tuesday.

In the first picture, Tatum flaunted her fun personality in a rainbow-striped swimsuit, cropped red jacket and sunglasses in the shape of large red lips. The Step Up actress also showed off her insanely toned tummy and slim, strong legs in the photo, which she credits to her dedication to healthy living.

“I eat mostly vegan, but I’m very accommodating, maybe because I’ve lived with a man for 11 years who’s not vegetarian,” she explained to Health, referring to husband Channing Tatum. Her go-to healthy vegan meals include smoothies with fruits and veggies, quinoa and black bean bowls and hummus.

[Our daughter] Evie is a vegetarian, mostly because I cook for her and it’s what I feel to be healthy for her and easiest. She loves it and wears it like a badge. She will tell everyone, ‘I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat,’ and I tell her, ‘Ev, you can try anything you want,’ but she’s like, ‘Ugh’ — very much a chip off the old block in that way,” Tatum added.

Tatum continued to show off the stunning photo shoot images with a shot of her active side. In the photo, the World of Dance host posed in a cropped baseball tee and shorts with a pair of roller skates.

While roller skating through Los Angeles is not Tatum's workout of choice, she trains hard to maintain her tight abs after having a baby and to keep her perky butt without dancing professionally.

"I do dance-based workouts with Jennifer Johnson. She’s a trainer who is also a dancer and she makes it fun for me. If it’s not fun, I won’t go," she admitted. "We dance, we do routines for 45 minutes to an hour, whatever time we have. It depends on the week, but if I get one or two workouts in, I’m happy."

Outside of those scheduled sessions, Tatum is conscious of keeping her body moving throughout the day, knocking out whatever steps and exercises she can.

In another sneak peek photo, Tatum showed off her lean dancer’s body in a low-cut white bodysuit and short red booty shorts. She gave off flirty, sexy vibes with her serious facial expression, oozing with sex appeal.

The actress got candid about her relationship and sex life with husband Channing Tatum in the Health interview, admitting that they have to carve out time for intimacy.

"We have not yet scheduled sex, but we do schedule time together, so maybe that is sort of scheduling sex. We will go away for a weekend to get time, but we have no real regimented schedule," she revealed. "I have friends who do this [schedule sex]; it’s on the calendar. We’ve never done that—it might actually be a good idea."

Tatum added that their connection comes naturally as their bodies are well in-tune with one another.

"I’m a very sensual person, same with Chan. It is just how we’re made up, and it’s a big part of how we connect. There’s a real tangible physical connection. You know when Oprah asks, ‘What do you know for sure?’ The body does not lie. You can convince your mind of things, think you’re in love, but your body doesn’t lie. If your stomach is clenching or you feel attracted, that’s all for a reason. You can’t convince your body to feel something it doesn’t," she continued.

Tatum continues to focus on blending her family, health and career life for an overall balanced lifestyle.

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