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Jennifer Garner Shares the Breakfast Smoothie That Keeps Her Fit

Emily Keyes


Celebrities — they’re just like us! Always on the move, they too need quick, healthy breakfasts that keep them satisfied as they juggle work, parenthood, and fitness. Super-buff Jennifer Garner has nailed the perfect healthy breakfast thanks to help from nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, who she began working with to get in shape for her upcoming movie, Peppermint.

LeVeque has also helped stars like Jessica Alba, Emma Rossum and Molly Sims find a healthy balance in their diets. LeVeque turned Jennifer on to the perfect breakfast smoothie chock-full of superfoods like chia seeds, flax seeds, and blueberries. Her rule for smoothies is that they must contain protein, fat, fiber and greens to keep you satisfied — a rule Garner heeds, creating a quick, tasty smoothie to fuel her intense workouts and chase after her three beautiful girls.

Below is the smoothie recipe, with a sneaky substitute that Jennifer uses when she’s out of blueberries.



  1. Blend and serve!

What makes this smoothie so innovative is that it combines the belly-filling properties of chia seeds with the fiber from the flax seeds, blueberries and spinach, protein from the protein powder, and fat from the almond butter, all of which ensure that Jennifer feels full well after drinking it, eliminating any need for time-consuming snacking.

Try this smoothie for a celebrity-approved, nutrient-rich breakfast.

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