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This Is How Jane Fonda, 79, Looked 30 Years Younger at the Emmys

09/18/2017 01:56 pm EDT

Jane Fonda made jaws drop around the world during Sunday night's Emmy Awards when she debuted a brand new look that Fonda fans aren't used to.

(Photo: Getty / Frazer Harrison)

The 79-year-old, who usually rocks a short, feathered hairdo, wore a long Ariana Grande-style ponytail with full bangs — further accentuating how young the nearly s looks. (Fonda turns 80 years old in December.)

Just ask these fans on Twitter who were "shook" by Fonda's red carpet look:

While the Grace and Frankie star has admitted to "giving [herself] a little help" along the way, her background in fitness and a healthy lifestyle has certainly helped shape her youthful buoyancy today.

She says that she still makes an effort to be physically active, even though she can't do as much as she used to.

"I still work out, although these days I do it slowly. I don't run, I walk. I don't ski, I cross-country ski," she told the Daily Mail last year. "I still do resistance training and yoga but I do it very slowly. I'm never going to stop...the most important thing is to keep moving, to stay active. That's what I do and that's how I stay strong."

And no matter who you are, with age comes certain ailments — a hip replacement, knee replacement, and multiple back surgeries for Fonda — but she credits her active younger days with her strength today.

"I have osteoarthritis and getting in and out of a car is a challenge. But I feel lucky that I did a lot of fitness work earlier in my life because it means I’m stronger now," she said.

Hormone specialist Dr. Erika Schwartz told PopCulture.com that a full night's sleep, a diet high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods, and well-balanced exercise are key to maintaining your youth.

Schwartz also spoke about the importance of balanced hormones when it comes to staying healthy in the long-term, adding that she has seen the positive results of bioidentical hormones for the past 25 years.

"Hormones are what keeps us all young and protects us from chronic illnesses," she said. "If you have hormones in your system you are healthy, glowing, young and full of energy. Without hormones we age and get sick."

In the end, Fonda is happy with her body and her outlook these days. In fact, she said that she doesn't look back on her younger years with yearning.

"You could not pay me to be young again. I don't care how much money I was offered. I didn't like being young at all," she said. "After I turned 60, I began to understand who I was, and I became young again. Now I'm in sight of my 80th birthday and feeling pretty good about life!"

That body-positive attitude (and maybe the fact that she learned to meditate in her 70s) is proving to be one of Fonda's best assets.


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