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Fergie, 42, Stuns in Latex Lingerie for New Album Teaser

Kelsey Patterson


Fergie is gearing up to release her first solo album in over a decade, and the comeback just got hotter.

The pop artist shared a glimpse into her new visual album experience with a sexy photo of herself in a white bra, black latex bottoms and PVC thigh-high boots. With hair tossed and a seductive expression, the Dutchess singer hangs her arms over two of the cage’s restraints and puts those “lovely lady lumps” on full display.

The 42-year-old captioned the photo, “bout to break out of my cage.”

Amidst a slew of heart eyes and fire emojis over Fergie’s super-fit figure come comments of anticipation for the artist’s new visual album Double Dutchess: Seeing Double, which premieres September 20.

“We’re doing something that no one has done before,” she told Entertainment Weekly of her new project.

“But it's so worth it.” The release will come 11 years after the singer’s debut album.

Fergie released the trailer for Double Dutchess on Thursday, August 31, which shows clips from her 2006 music videos, messages from fans, shots of her 2016 M.I.L.F. $. video and fleeting glimpses of her new material.

“It's been difficult for me to trust,” Fergie says in a voice-over as the images flash. “The epiphany that I had will always be more powerful.”

As for our epiphany? Watching these shots of the pop star over the last 11 years really shows that the former Black Eyed Peas singer is looking better than ever at age 42.

In the frequent black and white teaser photos she’s been blessing us with lately, we see that Fergie has definitely been “workin’ on her fitness” with those toned abs and tight features.

Apparently, trainer Don Brooks (DB) has something to do with her insanely fit figure. "Since we started working together, she has totally reshaped her body," he tells Glamour.

The Los Angeles-based trainer of Don-A-Matrix Training says he uses workouts that sculpt the muscles and burn fat through jumping moves. “Fergie has a love-hate relationship with the jump squat," he says. "Hates to do it, loves the results."

DB says the singer transformed her butt, abs, and legs with his methods.

As for nutrition, the entire Duhamel family swears by Kimberly Snyer’s Glowing Green Smoothie, which they say they’ve sipped every morning for the past seven years.

"Kimberly introduced me to it on the set of the third Transformers movie,” says Fergie’s hubby and actor Josh Duhamel. “We’ve literally made it every day for the past seven years and it’s just like energy in a glass.

Fergie says the nutrient-rich blend is “like a buzz” so she likely indulges before those tough, booty-sculpting workouts! Check out the popular smoothie recipe here.

With these routines and the support of fans, it looks like Fergie Ferg is ready for Double Dutchess hysteria.

Photo credit: Instagram / @fergie
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