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Colin Trevorrow Reveals Why 'Jurassic World' Sequel Will Be Better Than His Film

Patrick Cavanaugh


Last year, Jurassic World shocked audiences around the world by becoming the biggest financial success of the year, guaranteeing that the Jurassic Park franchise is far from extinct. Director Colin Trevorrow has handed over directorial duties to J.A. Bayona for that film's sequel, but the previous film's director assured audiences that a change in creative control won't impact the quality of the film.

When speaking to MTV's HappySadConfused podcast, Trevorrow revealed, "I think that’s gonna be a better movie. I just do. It’s just deeper, it’s more character-based, it definitely leans into suspense especially in the second half."

The director continued, "It does have the big action in the middle and there’s a sequence in the middle that I’ve been watching…I’ve started to see stuff come together and it’s just insane. I apologize to those who thought they were never gonna need to see another Jurassic World movie, because I think J.A. Bayona is gonna prove [them] wrong.”

Trevorrow's film had moments of suspense, but it was ultimately an action-adventure film full of sci-fi ideas. The sequel, on the other hand, will lean far more into the horror elements, something Bayona is no stranger to. Previously, the director has helmed the haunted house film The Orphanage and also last year's A Monster Calls, which blended elements of fantasy and horror.

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Of working with Bayona and the film's tone, Trevorrow explained, “It is thus far my favorite creative collaboration that I’ve ever been involved in, in that J.A. Bayona is a completely different kind of filmmaker and thinker than I am, yet we do have a lot of things in common so I was able to craft something specifically for another filmmaker that I admire. I built a Spanish horror thriller with dinosaurs in it that I probably wouldn’t have built for myself.”

The director pointed out that the overall tone of the film would be different, as well as some of the themes the sequel will explore.

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“It’s definitely about our greed and the depths of depravity that humans will sink in order to satisfy their need for profit," details Trevorrow. "We’re certainly continuing with a lot of those themes but in different ways. But without spoiling anything there’s definitely new themes that have never been examined in a Jurassic movie before that we’ve gotten into that I really think will expand people’s idea of what these movies can be, that it’s not just people running away from dinosaurs on an island.”

Jurassic World 2 hits theaters June 22, 2018.

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