Game Of Thrones: LOST Star Dominic Monaghan Wants A Role In House Targaryen

There probably isn't a star out there who doesn't want to be a part of HBO's hit series, Game Of Thrones. However, with just two seasons left, it will be difficult for any of them to land a role.

This fact didn't stop LOST and Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan from wanting a part in the fantasy epic.

gameofthrones lost

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Monaghan was promoting his new film, PET. A fan asked about what current series he'd like a part in, and the actor promptly name dropped Game Of Thrones.

"Um, well I love Game Of Thrones...who doesn't?"

The actor also stated he'd like a role on the anime series, Sword Art Online.

Later on, another redditor asked Monaghan which house he'd like to be a part of on Game Of Thrones. He doubled down on his nerd wisdom by pledging his allegiance to the Mother of Dragons.

With so many different houses having parts in Game Of Thrones, it's always difficult to guess which one somebody wants to be a part of. While many would choose to side with Ned, and join House Stark, Monaghan proved that not all loyal Targaryen's are gone and forgotten.

There may only be two seasons left in the acclaimed series, but that's not to say Monaghan couldn't eventually land a role. After all, Ian McShane, a prominent actor in the industry, landed a small role during season six. 

In Westeros, anything is possible. 

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